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India customer visit factory and technical communication

Date: 2022-01-27   Id: 6   Views:

The India customer visited BAYI company and workshop,learned about our production process and technology,discussed with our process technological staff about the feasibility of vacuum frying fruit and vegetable crisps.

Vacuum frying is a frying process in vacuum condition and low temperature, the moisture inside the fruit and vegetable will evaporated rapidly in low temperature because the boiling point of water will be reduced in the vacuum condition. Meanwhile the oil quality will be protected and the service life will be prolonged.

In order to get the most effective frying action within the shortest time, BAYI design and manufacture the heat exchanger and the condenser by ourselves based on customers’ specific original material. Take various factors affecting the final product quality into consideration, such as blanching time and temperature, frozen time and temperature, frying time and temperature, the heat exchange effect and condensing rate……BAYI will suggest the scientific and reasonable process parameters to customers and help them run the project as soon as possible.