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  • Jackfruit Chips Vacuum Fryer
  • Jackfruit Chips Vacuum Fryer

Jackfruit Chips Vacuum Fryer

The vacuum fryer is suitable for producing  vacuum fried jackfuit chips 

Large capacity

Good product quality, whether color, taste, oil content or nutrition

Operate easily with Siemens PLC

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Jackfruit as a large yield tropical fruit, vacuum fried jackfruit chips is one kind of popular snack in the international market and should be fried by industry vacuum fryer. Because the industrial jackfruit chips vacuum fryer has a large production capacity to meet fruit chips factories’ requirement of production.

BAYI vacuum fryer has been updated to the sixth generation with multiple automatic functions, to help clients to save much manpower, increase production efficiency and improve vacuum fried jackfruit chips quality.

Jackfruit vacuum frying process parameter

① Frying time: 50 min

② Frying temperature: 70-90℃

③ Fresh or frozen: frozen

④ Input and output ratio: 5:1

Advantage of BAYI jackfruit chips vacuum fryer

① Integrated design of heating, frying, oil storage, de-oiling, dehydration and oil filtration. These functions can be completed continuously in vacuum condition

② Customized parts like pipeline/valve/cylinder/oil pump/vacuum pump. Choose well-known domestic brands. Automatic valve control and install manual valve for backup

③ Use Siemens/Asmik/schneider, AirTAC, Chint and other domestic and foreign first-line brands for electrical parts,realize the functions of automatic opening and closing door/online control of temperature and pressure /over-temperature alarm

④ Automatic control of temperature and pressure (vacuum degree), no overheating, no overpressure, to ensure product quality and safe production  

⑤ Vacuum system, heat exchange system and oil circulation system designed reasonable and scientific, heating fast, high vacuum degree and oil temperature stable.







Capacity (frozen jackfruit)





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