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What is the aim of blanching process for fruit and vegetable vacuum frying production?

Date: 2022-06-10   Id: 41   Views:

As we all know, most fresh fruit and vegetable need to be blanched before vacuum frying, aim to reduce raw materials oxidation and then keep fresh and brilliant color. But, do you know the all influences of blanching? Let me share the knowledge to you.

1.     Remove gas from raw material tissue, increased tissue transparency to improve the appearance of raw materials

2.     After blanching, the cell membrane will be destroyed to improve the ability of material exchange within and outside the tissue

3.     Passivating enzyme activity, thus inhibiting the oxidation loss of nutrients, keep fresh and brilliant color

4.     Reduce the undesirable flavor of some vegetable

5.     Kill some microorganisms attached to the surface of fruits and vegetables

Do you know there are also some disadvantages of blanching?

1.     Cause soluble solids loss

2.     Lose raw material hardness

3.     Lose green pigment for some material